Toronto Pride Parades

Over 60 photographs (many full-page) from Toronto’s annual Pride Parades offered in this over-sized (13″x11″) hard cover book make this a great gift, whether you live in Toronto or not. Click on the cute pictogram to the left of the Blurb logo to see the preview of selected pages in ‘full-screen mode’ for maximum detail.
    Begun as celebrations of pride and as a protest for equal rights, the annual Pride Celebrations in Toronto have become a celebration of much more. The event brings around one million people to downtown Toronto for a street fair and to participate in, or watch, The Parade.
    With the number of major corporate sponsorships some queer folk ignore this ‘official’ celebration in favour of a smaller, newer, community-based event earlier in June. This volume includes photographs from the ‘official’ Pride parades from 2006, 2007 and 2008.

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