Ron Romanovsky’s New Video

Ron has made a cute video to illustrate the story of “The Day The Homos Disappear” – one of the tracks from his “Turn Up The Fun” cd (available now on the R+P website).

It is a great political statement wrapped up in upbeat accordion music; great to sing or dance along with. It also reminds me of a story that I read in “The Body Politic” newspaper, back in Toronto, in 1980. Fortunately ‘the day the homos disappeared; a cautionary tale’ (by Robin Hardy) is one of the articles that was included in “Flaunting It!“* I have not yet been able to find the story archived on-line although the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives probably has a hard copy of Issue 68 (Nov. 1980) in their collections.

Interesting trivia: at one point you can just barely make out a sign that says “Zip Code 87752” on what appears to be a Post Office. A quick Internet search suggests this video was shot in the village of Wagon Mound NM – 2008 population estimate 347. And the building in question is the “old Post Office“.

* – Ed Jackson & Stan Persky (Editors); Flaunting It! A Decade of Queer Journalism from The Body Politic; Vancouver and Toronto; New Star Books and Pink Triangle Press; 1982. Some used copies are available on-line: Flaunting It!

Update 09/19/2010:
Received the following email from Ron:

Sunday, September 19, 2010 2:37 AM
From: “Ron Romanovsky
To: “Brian Gryphon
Thanks for posting my new vid. The story from Flaunting It! was in fact where I got the idea for the song, many years ago. I love it that you picked up on that.

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