Colonial Williamsburg

Earlier today, the Huffington Post linked to an article posted at the web-site of The Washington Post on Saturday headed ““Tea party” activists drawn to Williamsburg and its portrayal of Founding Fathers“. The article makes it clear that the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation itself is not actively supporting any political viewpoint; just that many ‘baggers are drawn to the Foundation’s use of interpreters/actors to portray the history surrounding the American Revolution. What I most enjoyed, of course, was the article pointing out how often the well-read, thoughtful re-enactors disappointed people who expected the historical figures to strongly support their own political views. Below is my own comment posted on “Huffington Post” –

“I love it… as the article notes, the well-studied cast know much more about the real opinions, beliefs and expectations of our ‘Founding Fathers’. And so much of it is not anything like the myths peddled by faux news. As a long-time supporter of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, I am glad to see baggers funding this organization.

In fact, it wouldn’t hurt every citizen, regardless of political leanings, to walk down Duke of Gloucester and marvel at where this nation came from. Whether contemplating slavery, women’s rights, the treatment of aboriginal peoples or the struggle against a class that ruled through birth-right and control of land & capital, Colonial Williamsburg reminds me of Ted Kennedy’s words – ‘At the end of our journey and always before us shines that ideal of liberty and justice for all.’

Below is just one image from my visit to The Historic Area to mark my 40th birthday. I am overdue for another visit, but that will have to wait for an economic recovery:

Historic Williamsburg

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