The Little Things

8 hours ago one of the volunteers at Pet Promise ( posted the following on FB:
AEP is helping a cat stuck in a tree for 12 days! They are on the way right now with a bucket truck to get the cat out of the tree. The poor thing has been stuck 2 stories up for 12 days.. AEP is on the way to rescue the poor cat. She has lost a lot of weight and every second counts. THANK YOU TO AEP!

4 hours ago, they posted:
AEP tried for us and were not able to get to her. The branches are too thick and the cat went up too high. But AEP did try! We left water and food out for her in the Y of the tree but she is still stuck in the tree.
2 tree service companies have come out and tried to save the cat. The tree is just too tall and she is so scared…. Everyone – please keel thinking on this and how we can save this cat. She has been in the tree for 12 days!!!

Many people had helpful suggestions such as:
Tree climbing championship or the Ohio Chapter ISA
(two local members were mentioned, but not able to be immediately contacted)

Then Kathy contacted Asplundh – a company that does tree work for a variety of utilities across the country, including AEP. She posted:
I HAVE ASPLUNDH GIVING ME A CALL BACK FOR THE EXACT LOCATION TO SEE A FOREMAN TO BE SENT OUT WITH A CREW…. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. He (Jake) has a 70 ft bucket and he said HE WILL get her.. if he has to go the 70 ftt then climb it the rest of the way….

About an hour ago, she informed us:
Jake Wilson of ASPLUNDH got the kitty- shes in the house with Sara!! shes eating tuna now but not drank much. We all owe ASPLUNDH & Jake a huge thank you when no one else could get it done ,,, I told ya all he was determined,.,

And so, please drop a note to the Asplundh office “Serving AEP Ohio” via reg061 @ or at 740-467-1028 and say Thank You.

Some days it’s the little things….

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