Big Prize

I recently entered a contest sponsored by the stand-up comic and video star, Paula Poundstone, to invite my friends, followers, acquaintances and total strangers to follow Paula’s Twitter account. Although I did not win the Grand Prize, I was thrilled to receive a Consolation Prize.

This hand-made cat toy with feathers and “a stunning portrait of Dr. Phil” was, I believe, hand-crafted by Ms. Poundstone with great love and care. Although I don’t know how long the feathers part will last, the portrait and the hand-written note enclosed with it are now part of my small collection of mementos I’ve received from ‘celebrities’.

PS: Paula tweeted “I just saw inspirational photos of follower Brian Gryphon’a cat playing with my contest consolation prize, a cat toy made of Dr. Phil’s head” (8:08 PM Jun 30th via web)

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