Feline Furbabies

First- I am pleased (and a little nervous) to announce that the three felines that adopted this household have inched their way onto the World Wide Web. Nikolaus, Thumper and Anakin (who have been mentioned and illustrated on this blog) are producing TANcats.com to share their side of the story.

While they will be focusing their efforts there, I will still discuss them, and other pet-related topics, here in my blog. In fact, I have a picture to share from today’s visit to the Shelter of Cat Welfare. Below is the wonderful face of ‘Tedders’ – a feral cat that was brought into the Shelter last year. Although he has adjusted to being in the Shelter, he is still very slow to trust humans, and really is not adoptable. He has finally started to put on weight- but he still has a body shape that would make any runway super-model jealous. It seems like every trip I make to the Shelter with my camera, I end up with shots of Tedders!

at Cat Welfare Association
at Cat Welfare Association

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