My ‘Social Media Strategy’

As an active user of the Internet, I have a presence on a number of ‘social media’ sites and services, as well as being active in a variety of forums (in addition to operating some half-dozen web-sites). And since I was raised to claim my own truth, my user name is generally my full name or else “bgryphon“. In other words, it’s pretty easy for anyone to find my accounts. I get the occasional Friend request on FaceBook or Myspace from pod artists or designers; I rarely accept and this post is to explain why.

In an attempt to bring at least some structure to my browser window, I use each site/service for a specific (or general) aspect of my life. Thus, any artist/designer who uses on-line POD (“Print On Demand“) galleries or shops can follow my Twitter stream. My tweets are mostly personal observations with the occasional AdverTweet or pod-industry information; a sort of ‘water-cooler chit-chat’ with others working at home.

However, my Friends list at FaceBook is heavily weighted with family and people I’ve physically met or worked with on a project (such as “CafePress Voice“). There are few pod-designers on the list, although I often become a fan of their business pages. Likewise, I do have a FaceBook page for my business.

With my consolidation of life online moving forward, this post will be updated in the future.

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