Those Crazy Conservatives

Last month I posted the highlights of the “survey” I was sent by The Heritage Foundation. Well, it seems that since I didn’t reply to that one The Foundation- such a strong advocate of personal freedom- sent me a new “ballot”. On the outside of the envelope, in all caps are the following messages:


So much for personal freedom.

But I decided to just answer the questions as asked (without commenting or rebutting the half-truths) – so we’ll see if it gets counted properly. Even though the cover letter sent with it says (at multiple times, in various ways) that I should return the ballot unused unless I agree with them (“But if you agree with Heritage… please don’t delay in marking your Ballot“) even as they say they are seeking “accuracy”. I guess “Fair and Balanced” is already in use.

The reality is that I am disgusted by the amount of ‘pork projects’ being funded; but I disagree with groups that think giving the ‘military-industrial complex’ all the money it wants is an “essential government program” and not “Corporate Welfare“. I agree that there are many inefficiencies along with duplication and waste in federal programmes. I am not convinced that groups such as this one really want to streamline such programmes; I believe their goal is to kill them off.

I notice they give the Bush presidency a pass (“at least pretended to be conservative“) instead of being appalled and disgusted by the hypocrisy. But the final straw that prevents me from giving them any support is the pride they have in their “partnership with talk radio giants Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity“.

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