The Anti-Depressant Polka

This is my fifth weekly discussion based on a quote from the lyrics of Romanovsky & Phillips. It should have been posted yesterday but I really wanted to do a quote that was lighter in tone than what I’ve done so far. And I just wasn’t feelin’ it yesterday. Still don’t for that matter; today’s quote is sort of light-hearted in style but the message, not so much.

do the anti-depressant polka
And dance your way out of despair
It’s more than a silly ol’ two-step
It’s alternative mental health care

Ron has an mp3 file with a long excerpt at:


This is a great, up-tempo song full of fun references to polka greats such as Lawrence Welk and Myron Floren. The message it contains is more serious; written well before this week’s Congressional health insurance non-reform it is sadly still relevant. Ron sings about dancing as a way to lift one’s spirits; which should no longer be considered radical. There are plenty of studies that show dancing, singing, laughing, etc are great for combating (although not a guaranteed solution to) depression and other ailments. They can also be great exercise for body and mind. And it would be great if they were supplemental to great healthcare; for everyone. Not just people who “can really afford to be sick” under the current healthcare scheme.

*The Anti-Depressant Polka” Lyrics and music ¬©Copyright 1994 by Ron Romanovsky, Published by Bodacious Music (ASCAP)
from “Turn Up The Fun!” available at the Official R+P Website.

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