More Flaunting It

Let’s flaunt it, let’s flaunt it
Let’s celebrate our love
I want to, I want to
Proliferate our love


This is the chorus from the song “Let’s Flaunt It!” which is available on the R+P CD of the same name. Although each verse of the song has it’s own appeal (“I’m an immoral degenerate- and you’re an irreverent one” is but one example) I really like the chorus. As some of my previous R+P posts have illustrated, I haven’t been ‘in the closet’ for decades; and I dare to hope we’re getting closer to a world where few people ever are.

I had the great privilege of attending R+P in concert in Toronto three times; at the 519 Community Centre, Jarvis Collegiate, and at MCC Toronto. Precious memories. Although R+P no longer perform as a duet, Ron continues to perform and record; his current titles cover a wide range; from a ‘Circus Opera’ about circumcision to his compositions for accordion. But he still writes songs of interest to a GLBTT2SQQ audience.

*Let’s Flaunt It” Lyrics and music ¬©Copyright 1995 by Romanovsky & Phillips, Published by Bodacious Music (ASCAP)
from “Let’s Flaunt It!” available at the Official R+P Website.

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