Let’s Flaunt It

This is my fourth weekly discussion based on a quote from the lyrics of Romanovsky & Phillips. Today’s album title happens to incude one particular word from Homophobia, discussed two weeks ago; Flaunt. Something we need to do more of. And this is being published a few hours early, ’cause I am excited to offer a contest (details below).
So if you’re letting your love be determined by the world
If your banner of love hasn’t been unfurled
Think of Missy and Heidi, ’cause they knew all along
Everybody’s got a right to go to the prom


I grew up in s/w Ontario. Although Canada is generally seen to be more progressive than it’s southern neighbour, this was some time ago. And it was rural; a village of around a thousand people in the midst of corn and tobacco fields. I graduated high school in 1977; the thought of my taking another male (even if I’d had a partner) to the prom never entered my mind.

Fast forward to 1992 – Missy and Heidi did, in fact, go to the prom in Manassas, Virginia as each other’s date.

I picked this verse as a reminder that even as we fight for full equality, it is good to remember and celebrate previous victories; from Stonewall to Missy & Heidi to marriage equality in Canada (and other countries). Now that I’m ‘of a certain age’ I must do my part to make sure the ‘younger generation’ knows and understands how far we’ve come. As I mentioned a few weeks back (in this R&P post) seeing the Toronto Chief of Police ride in the annual Pride Parade seems like ‘no big deal’ – unless you know about the Bathouse Raids in Toronto in February, 1981, For young queers who want to learn more about that history, my history, our history, try and get your hands on a copy of “Flaunting(there’s that word again) It” published in 1982 by ‘The Body Politic’ in Toronto(+).

I guess I could segue into a discussion of Ron’s newer album (“Turn Up The Fun“) and the song “The Sanctity of Marriage” but instead I will end by announcing that I have an extra copy of “Let’s Flaunt It!” and will be giving it away. That contest ended in 2009.

*Missy and Heidi” Lyrics and music ¬©Copyright 1995 by Romanovsky & Phillips, Published by Bodacious Music (ASCAP) from “Let’s Flaunt It!” available at the Official R+P Website.

See also a 1992 article by Amy Cunningham about Missy & Heidi.

+Flaunting It” 1982, ISBN 0-919888-31-3 (generally available used from Amazon and other dealers)

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