Ho-Ho- Homophobia

Today is my second weekly discussion based on a quote from the lyrics of Romanovsky & Phillips.

Some liberals say that it’s ok for people to be queer
As long as they don’t ‘flaunt’ it, but it seems to me my dear
That we’ve seen straight folks flaunt their sexuality for years
Sounds suspiciously like homophobia to me


I picked this verse from “Homophobia“* while waiting to hear if Toronto would win its bid to be host of World Pride 2014; watching the four minute campaign video (on YouTube). Listening to the Mayor of the City of Toronto (“I used to live at Church & Wellesley, in the heart of the Queer community, when I was a student“) and the Deputy Premier of the Province of Ontario (“I’m an out gay man“) – and watching sights from Pride and other events made me reflect on just how far we’ve come.

I remember Pride a few years back when the Toronto Police Chief first was in the Parade- so different from the Bath House Raids (now almost 30 years ago). Back then we were in the streets; marched down to the District (“precinct”) 51 Station. I remember watching six police cars respond to my late night report of a van driving into a store window one night and saying “I haven’t seen this many cops around since the Raids“. So much has changed.

But I also know how many “normal” gay folk b!tch about how Drag Queens and Leatherfolk “ruin our image” in the straight world. While it’s easy to dismiss that as an outgrowth of their desire to “earn“(?) equal rights, I think that it is often either internalized homophobia or the basic fear of those who are different. And as much as I have no desire to have sex with a woman, I don’t hate or fear someone who does. Yes we have some work to do…. and there is still homophobia in this world.

But today I celebrate how far Toronto, and Canada, has progressed; and look forward to being back there for World Pride 2014 !

*Music & lyrics ©1985 Ron Romanovsky and Paul Phillips; Published by Bodacious Music (ASCAP)
Available on Trouble In Paradise at the R&P Store or from CD Baby.

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