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Here is what I’ve been re-reading of late; or rather, what I browse through when I am spending time alone in the bathroom. “Jim Henson: The Works” was published shortly after his untimely death, with the full co-operation of his family. The author is clearly enamored of Jim’s work; based on years of friendship. But he gives great insights into the workings of the Henson empire; from humble beginnings through “Sesame Street” to the various Muppet Movies, TV specials and series made in the US, Canada and England. There are pictures galore, some cute stories, and just a bit of technical detail of how Jim and his cohorts pushed the boundaries of puppetry.


And when I’m back at my keyboard, this is playing in the background; a great mix of ballads and up-tempo selections to keep me working.

Also in the cd player is Anne Murray’s duets album (see my earlier post) and “Be Political Not Polite” by Romanovsky + Philips.


Here is my latest image offered at CafePress; a white hibiscus bloom. Hibiscus (or ‘rose mallow’) is a genus with hundreds of varieties; hardy or tropical versions, with blooms from 4″ to 8″ or more. Species flowers are white or various shades of red; modern hybrids have expanded the range of colours. We have red and white blooms in our CafePress shop.

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