Poetic Prose ‘Why’

This morning I read a thread in the Forum at Barb’s Bookshelf about poetry. I said I would dig out and post some of my old ‘poetic prose‘ that I wrote ‘way back when’ – these two are from 1995.

Your question
        not mine
For I don’t
there is an
And I don’t
an answer
All I need
your question
Stainless steel subway
Removes me– in space and time–
From my night-long
Celebration of sexual freedom.
Sweet revenge on a system
Sunk in a morganatic mediocrity.

To record the events is wasted ink;
Sexual statistics stir no man’s ‘soul’.
Not an orgasmic oracle,
I can not tell of eternal reality.
Only reveal the Self I see
Reflected in his eyes.

© Copyright 1995 by Brian Gryphon – All Rights Reserved

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