Reba and Kelly

Just got in from tonight’s concert. I love Reba and jason loves Kelly, so it was a good combo. I am starting to like Kelly more- and jason also loves Reba.

I wish I could say the concert was “spectacular” but the best I can honestly say is “very good“. Part of it may be the space; Value City Arena (Schottenstein Center) is really a sports arena. But we saw Dolly there last year and it was much better, so it’s got more to do with the music being too loud. Oh- and the bass being tuned so high that we wouldn’t have heard a Tornado Siren going off.

Which is a crying shame because Reba’s voice was often lost- and she has such an incredible voice it should never be so abused. When they did a ballad with an instrument or two supporting them- such as when they did “Beautiful Disaster” or “The Greatest Man I Never Knew” – their incredible talents put the music in it’s proper, supporting, role.

They were on stage for one long (around 1:45) set after the opening act; Melissa Peterman. She played the role of “Barbra Jean” in Reba’s self-named sitcom. I feel she started weak, put too much emphasis on her being Barbra Jean, but did manage to get rolling. Of course, leading us in chants of “O H I O” helped warm up this crowd of Buckeyes.

Plenty of each artist’s ‘standards’ along with a song from Kelly’s upcoming release and ‘music from their youth’ had plenty of people singing along- some standing and swaying for most of the night. I hesitate to say this, but I still feel Dolly’s concert was over-all a better show; but no regrets over the $120.00 (obviously mid-tier seats).

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