Another Big Day

Yesterday was my birthday… one of those round numbers that can sound scary (think “half-century“) and although my life is good, it did give me pause. I was told it was a “milestone” and to “party like I’m twenty-one” … not sure I can safely do that. And is a milestone anything like a kidney stone? ‘Cause I’ve had one of those!

But last night I decided I’ve been looking at this whole b-day the wrong way. If you think about it, our first birthday is the day we finish our first complete year here and begin our second…. so about 4:25pm on Friday I finished my fiftieth year.

I survived it reasonably well…
healthy (sort of)
roof over my head (and a fairly new one)
food in my belly (too much I guess)
happy (often)
I love and am loved…

So I count my blessings and say “thank you“.

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