Law and Order Candidate

As a newly-naturalized US citizen, I am looking forward to voting here for the first time. I will, or course, vote Democratic– so long as the so-called ‘religious’ right-wing fundamentalist virus infects the other party. I am fiscally moderate (actually ‘fiscally conservative’ in a way that neo-cons aren’t) but socially more libertarian…. and I can’t support a group that wishes to deny me my rights.

But- on to the theme of today’s post. I have not voted before today because (aside from possible jail time and/or deportation) it would not have been a legal ballot. Those are the rules. I knew that when I arrived here, and I accepted and played within them. I gave my support in other ways; donation of money, time, rational discussion and debate with eligible voters.

Thus I have no sympathy for those who argue that the non-sanctioned Primary votes in Florida and Michigan should retroactively become legal. And I judge harshly any candidate who would sacrifice respect for law for (their own) political gain. As if the Republi-can’t machinery needs any help in painting Democrats as ‘soft on crime’ …

This November I will be voting- not for a candidate who thinks that Law and Order is only on television.

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