In Memorium Mum

Morna Lusty (nee Glasheen) April 28, 1929 – Feb. 19, 2007

Mom is missed and always loved by her children, Bruce, Karen, Brian and Kathy,
lovingly remembered by her grandchildren Christopher, Kennie, T.J., Melissa and Kayla,
and great grandchildren Julian and James.

As I reflect on Mom, and the numerous ways she blessed my life, I recall how as a kid, I would often see a movie or tv show, or read a book, that had a fascinating woman with an interesting career, and exciting adventures that seemed so glamorous. And I would at times wish to have such a Mother.

In time I realized two things; first being that, of course these were fictional lives. The greater truth is that Mom gave me something better. I can’t recall one instant in my life when I didn’t know, with certainty, that I was loved.
Loved unconditionally.
No matter what I did.
No matter who I was, or who I dated.
And more, that she never doubted I could do anything I set my mind to.

I have learned over the years that very many, too many, people haven’t had that blessing.

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  1. Oh the memories. As a child I of course thought Mom could do no wrong. Then those awful teenage years-let's just say not so great. But through it all I knew I was unconditionally loved-it just didn't matter how badly I screwed up- and I did-royally.Then I was an adult and a parent, and guess what-Mom and I became best friends. And to this day we still are. She always put us 4 kids and dad before her. I will never forget her laugh, her hugs, her I love yous. I miss you so much Mom

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