Rather than pay a crowd-sourcing site a percentage on top of what PayPal charges to process payments, I am doing it my way.

My house, built in 1910 with a foundation still settling as it sat in 20+ feet of flood waters in 1913, has been a challenge. The latest, and so far the most expensive (US$1,600), emergency issue has been replacing the outside water line – bringing me to the verge of bankruptcy. Thanks to generous donations (and a loan) from family and friends I have avoided going over that edge- but just barely.

It started with a cracked water meter- $195 to replace. This led to replacing the main shut-off valve ($85) before the outside supply line popped. US$1,880 is the total- I have maxed out my one credit card and I still owe about 1/3 of that. My Homeowner’s Insurance doesn’t cover this. Neither does the Appliance & Fixtures Warranty I pay monthly. That plan has covered other things for me; issues with the kitchen plumbing and various furnace issues- along with replacing the electric panel. But neither water nor gas exterior lines.

Perhaps you’re thinking I was short-sighted, stupid, clueless or careless. Join the chorus in my head. Nothing you could say (type) can make me feel any worse than I do now.

Be that as it may, I am over 60, severely under-employed, and with various physical limitations and chronic conditions. Just not one single condition bad enough to qualify for Disability- I guess that’s a good/bad news kind of thing. Not that I’m alone in this; many queer elders are in similar situations for a whole bunch of reasons.

In order to raise funds, I am offering some ‘Friends and Families‘ specials

1. Donate US$20.00 and I will send you a collection of seven greeting or note cards (less than $3 each for high-quality cards). These will have various photographic images from my stock on hand. They might include florals, urban scenes, rescue pets. No additional charge for delivery within the USA- please add a couple of US dollars for a Canadian address.

Extra Special Offer: donate US$25.00 and I will send you 10 cards ($2.50 each). No additional charge for delivery within the USA. Please include your shipping address and a comment that you’d like the Thank You Gift.

Donations, in any amount, may be made via PayPal.com:

2. Save 33% on my GPS Guidance & Purpose Spread at GCR at Etsy (coupon code TY20GPS is included in that link). This applies to orders placed through the Etsy Shop by December 13th 2018, for any of the three paradigms;

  • Tarot cards;
  • First Nations decks;
  • D. Virtue Oracle decks.

3. I have a small quantity on hand of the various books I’ve self-published- poetry, poetic lyrics, photography and graphic design. I am offering great pricing on a Poetry 3-Pack, a Photography 3-Pack, as well as a 7 Books A Week Bundle. Details are on this page.