The Uraniun Tarot Deck
The Uraniun is a set of very gay (somewhat explicit artwork) of major arcana only. They were a gift from a friend some years ago. Cards are 4″×5-3/8″ perforated card stock. 3 cards have visible discolouration as shown below.

My research found them described as “an insert in the gay-interest magazine ‘Powerplay.’ The title card I have says the cards are ©Brush Creek Media (the mag’s publisher at that time) and that they were ‘the last piece of work’ by Randy Esslinger. Searching for Randy I found an entry at for “Girlette Hussey (Randy Esslinger, Randale C Esslinger) 6/17/58 – 12/6/93.”

I asked around, and Sister Mish OPI shared “Randy was from Chicago, came to our gatherings at SMS and i did not know of this deck, but he was an artistic, friendly, bright activist guy and i do not doubt he is the creator of them. As i recall he had tourettes syndrome and we were accustomed to his sometimes humorous outbursts.

# Image 1 (above)- title card;
# Image 2- first half (fronts);
# Image 3- second half (fronts);
(click on each image to see full-size)

Full frontal has been ‘flowered’ to comply with my host company’s policies. Unflowered images obverse & reverse are on this website.