Thinking of learning to read Tarot for yourself? I’ve compiled a short list of cards and books that may help. Although many people start with The Rider Tarot Deck (also called ‘Rider-Waite’) I strongly recommend the Morgan-Greer deck. The imagery is very similar, but with slightly updated and refined artwork that I prefer. The artwork in the Sacred Rose Deck has more intense colours with fewer, larger, details that some might prefer while others find distracting. There are dozens of other designs offered; many using Rider Deck based imagery and its arrangement of Major Arcana titles.

Using different decks all based on the standard 78 card arrangement may be easier than adding other kinds of decks to your repertoire early on. Other kinds (more properly ‘oracle’, ‘divination’ or ‘spiritual’ decks) have unique card names, images and suggested interpretations. While valuable tools in their own right (I use the three First Nations decks listed below) it is important to understand what purpose their designers had in mind.

I use the Morgan-Greer deck for readings at my Etsy shop. I also have the Sacred Rose Deck, Medicine Cards, Sacred Path Cards (and Workbook) and Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards listed here. The Complete Guide to the Tarot by Eden Gray, is a Kindle version of a classic book that’s a great introduction to the Tarot. Power Tarot and The Creative Tarot are newer additions to my library, but I highly recommend each title. Volume 1 of The Encyclopaedia of the Tarot is for those who really want to get a feel for the history of Tarot.

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