Tarot and Oracle Card Readings from Guncle Tarot
I’ve used Tarot (and other Oracle) Cards for self-reflection and offered readings to family, friends and neighbours for almost 40 years. Guncle is a newish term to describe yourself or someone else as a gay uncle. Although I self-identify as queer, quncle has yet to catch on.

Email Readings
I’ll send you a .pdf of the reading and a photo of the card spread. I offer a variety of pre-designed spreads, or will whip up a custom one, at GuncleTarot.com.

Guncle Post
Every 2 months I send out an envelope with physical cards and a custom reading. Each GP’23 mailing includes one non-Tarot Oracle card and two Tarot cards, along with a hand-written reading of the cards. Subscribe now at GuncleTarot.com.

Thinking of learning to read Tarot for yourself?
I’ve compiled a short list of cards and books that may help. Although many people start with The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck (also called the ‘Rider/ Waite/ Smith’) I strongly recommend the Morgan-Greer Tarot deck. The imagery is very similar, but with slightly updated and refined artwork that I prefer. The artwork in the Sacred Rose Deck has more intense colours with fewer, larger, details that some might prefer while others find distracting. There are dozens hundreds of other designs offered; many using Rider Deck based imagery and its arrangement of Major Arcana titles.

Using different decks all based on the standard 78 card arrangement may be easier than adding other kinds of decks to your repertoire early on. Other kinds (‘oracle’, ‘divination’ or ‘spiritual’ decks) have unique card names, images and suggested interpretations. While valuable tools in their own right it is important to understand what purpose their designers had in mind.

Power Tarot is a great introduction to the Tarot. Most other books listed here are newer additions to my library, but I highly recommend each title.

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