6decks500x630 The card reading services are provided in support of Rubber Chicken Ministries. Card readings are a spiritual ritual rather than predictive or professional service and as such are not refundable. To request a reading, please use the Paypal Donate button below.

Important Terms and Conditions
  • I believe your future is in your hands, not mine;
  • I am a spiritual seeker and facilitator;
  • I offer my reaction to and interpretation of cards selected in response to your request;
  • I do not solve crimes, pick lottery numbers or locate lost items- I am neither a medium nor a mindreader;
  • I do not predict death dates nor try to diagnose illness. I am not a medical Doctor;
  • I am not a lawyer, licensed therapist, financial planner or match-maker;
  • All readings are confidential. Your information will never be shared with anyone without a Court Order;
  • Readings are personal. I can’t do one for a third party; only you;
  • I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason;
  • I will not knowingly read for anyone under the age of 18;
  • See also our Privacy Policy and Site Use page.
Use of ‘First Nations’ Images and Traditions

I sometimes use decks that are based on North American aboriginal spiritual traditions. These decks have been designed by artists of Lakota, Iroquois, Cherokee and Choctaw descent. I make no claim to have been trained or raised within those traditions and do not identify as a ‘shaman’ or ‘medicine man’. I do not represent or ‘speak for’ those traditions beyond the cards’ artwork and published traditions of the First Nations that inspires some of our own practises. I can not totally remove my Anglo-Saxon heritage or my ‘modern western’ cultural upbringing from readings.

Donations are not tax deductible but may well be good for your karma.

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