Queer Progress

August 28, 2016

Some thoughts on the progress we have (and have not) made as queer folk, at least here in North America, measured by the Romanovsky & Phillips music catalog. This post is inspired by my listening […]


I Can Hear You

April 9, 2016

Another guest post; this slice of life comes from my Sister Zsa Zsa Gabortion.   So, this happened just this morning; Child: “is he a boy or a girl, mommy?“ Mommy: “he’s a boy- he […]


Free DNR

April 6, 2016

No, not a call for a prisoner release, such as the frequent cries of “Free Jim Colucci !!” heard on the now-cancelled Frank Decaro Show. From their Facebook Page: Derek and Romaine is the daily, […]


All Atwitter

December 23, 2015

This post is a follow up to some tweets posted last night; by me as well as some done by, or shared by, Margaret Cho. I can not speak for Margaret (and she does very […]


DNR 2.0

December 21, 2015

Update: Jan. 4, 2016 DNR 2.0 Breaks the Interwebs ! ! ! Yes, over a million hits in a quarter-hour as crazed fans attempt to grab a moment of history. The unintentional DDOS was a […]


December Rose

November 30, 2015

“December Rose” contains 60 images from the Whetstone Park of Roses taken on 12/01/10 (World Aids Day). The book is available at Blurb. Printed on Premium paper, available as a paperback or with a premium […]