Latest Designs

October 28, 2013 // 0 Comments

My latest designs at CafePress and Skreened may be a reflection of my age; there certainly is a theme to them. And for those who don’t recognize the creature in the first design: a hydra is a [keep reading]

Early Morning Thoughts 3

July 26, 2013 // 1 Comment

Yesterday I celebrated my 55th birthday. Actually at about 4:30 yesterday I completed my 55th year here on Earth and started my 56th trip around the Sun. This morning, as I contemplated the next half [keep reading]


September 15, 2011 // 0 Comments

I Woke Up This Morning   My pen had been silenced; My voice- not gone so much as distracted. Life interferes; or guilt at living When too many other lives were ended. Perhaps it was time used to [keep reading]

Situation Update

March 22, 2011 // 0 Comments

Last year I wrote this post about my then current economic situation. I decided it’s time for an update. Selling my photographs on apparel, merchandise and as prints from a variety of on-line [keep reading]