Our photography and graphic design, now available on a wide assortment of merchandise at the following Authorized Production Partners.


We have launched five shops at GearBubble. The examples we’ve ordered are quite good. Their pricing is a bit lower than the other POD-sites; with a slightly slower delivery and smaller selection of products, styles, and sizes.

GearBubble merchandise ranges from mugs to apparel to jewelry.


Our newest Production Partner- we have opened two shops with an emphasis on our text-based designs. Our JKL Designs shop has our Choose JOY™ and related designs on apparel and selected other merchandise. The main Digital Gryphon shop has text and photography on selected items.

TeeSpring features apparel, pillows and mugs, with some designs available on socks, totes and other items.


Fine Art Prints
Selected Photography and Graphic Design images are available on canvas, acrylic, wood, metal and fine art papers (framing and matting available) from our FAA Galleries. The Special Editions Collection features unique images, offered in select sizes for limited times only- many raising funds for specific causes and issues.

Note: To make shorter URLs, our entire FAA catalog is also available at Pixels.com.


Made to order fabrics (ranging from cotton to silk) (plus giftwrap and wallpaper) featuring our graphic designs or photographic images are available from Spoonflower.

Important Notes

# The bulk of the purchase price, plus any Shipping Charges, go to our Production Partner(s) for processing your order and delivering a high quality item made-to-order just for you;
# Pricing and Product Selection varies by Production Partner, are beyond my control, and are subject to change without notice.

#Our Books

Printed Books, eBooks
Our photography and poetic prose is available in books (paperback and hard cover) printed on demand. Our poetry chapbook and collected blog posts are also available as eBooks. See posts in the My Books category for the latest information.

#Other POD-Sites

There are any number of other Print-On-Demand websites that offer books, apparel, art prints. mugs or other products. Some I just don’t know about, some I’ve investigated but decided against using, and a few that I used to use. I am open to checking out new sites, but find very few that offer me, or you, enough benefit to justify the work required to set up and maintain a strong presence at their site.

CafePress was my first Print-On-Demand partner. They were once a leader, but are not able to adequately support designers so I am closing all my shops except for my Joy Kindness Love designs. I hope they will emerge from the ashes they are creating now.

The following are sites that I no longer use;
Skreened has been acquired by another company. They deleted my account- and those of many other designers- without notice. It is not known if our intellectual property has been deleted, and there are reports of many unpaid balances.

PrintFection no longer offers POD services to designers or artists. It is now a fulfillment house for marketing departments and others offering shirts as rewards or premiums. I did like them when they offered shops for designers.

I closed my account at Australian-based RedBubble over their refusal to enforce their ‘community standards’ or remove content so offensive that even I could no longer support them.

My decision to remove all my designs from Zazzle was a response to extreme changes in procedures that confirmed my existing concerns over their treatment of designers and artists.