My high-paying, high-stress, 12 year long sales career was a casualty of the 2008 Depression, shortly after my 50th birthday. I’ve since preserved my household by cobbling together p/t, freelance & seasonal jobs. Freed from the 60 hour work weeks, I also began to deal with previously repressed childhood trauma. At 25, I was fighting to keep my tribe from dying out; getting old seemed unlikely. Now in my 60s I’m living with a variety of chronic physical and mental challenges.

Until we live in a society that removes capitalism from the pedestal on which it is placed and introduces a guaranteed basic income, I need to sell merchandise and services to cover living expenses. I dream of a time when I can offer my card readings, my graphic designs, and my books of photography and poetry (plus the writings here) purely for freewill offerings.

How can I support you and your work?” you ask. Good question; here are some ideas.

1 of my designs as a canvas print Buy Something For Yourself Or Someone You Know
Purchases of books of my poetry, photography & design or merchandise from an authorized Production Partner earns me a Designer Royalty (the rate and amount varies by partner and item). From Fine Art Prints (on canvas, wood, or metal) to tee-shirts, mugs and jewelry to Tarot & Oracle Card Readings, there truly is something for everyone.

Also, I earn a small fee for purchases made through Affiliate Marketing ads placed on this site, and purchases from the links at The Tarot Shop page.

In an effort to support other small businesses, and reduce the power held by Amzn, I am in the process of changing product Affiliate Links from that site (or add new ones) to My Shop on Bookshop.Org. In addition to my affiliate share, Bookshop pays a share of all sales to independent book stores- and you may specify your favourite local shop if it’s in their database.

t-shirt with 'to insanity And Beyond' on front
Share and Promote My Work
Advertising is expensive; most independent artists can’t compete with large corporations or political organizations buying advertising or bidding for online ad spots. Fortunately ‘word of mouth’ (or ‘word of mouse‘ online) is not only less-expensive; it tends to be more effective. Personal recommendations still carry weight.

When you share a post from my Facebook business page or a design or item from my online shops you introduce the work to new fans. At the same time you give a boost to the algorithms sites use when deciding which pages or posts to share, and how high on the list.


Or else ‘buy me a coffee’ with a small donation through my Ko-fi Page. Messages may be sent via my various social media accounts or to briangryphon[at]att[dot]net.

Thank you