In addition to my commercial work (see Digital Gryphon Publishing and DG Photography and Design), I offer Cycle Of Life celebrant services at Rubber Chicken Ministries. All of these are set up as Operating Divisions of The Digital Gryphon llc, which is not yet producing any profit, nor paying me any income.

I am currently working two additional part-time jobs to cover my expenses. This leaves me very little time or energy to pursue my Fine Art Photography, Queer poetry & design, blog here regularly, or keep GenderQueer.Life updated, much less expanded.

You can support me and my work in various ways. Purchases of my books or my photography and design work from an authorized Production Partner earns me a Designer Royalty (the rate and amount varies by partner and item). I earn a small fee for purchases from Amazon and other Affiliate Marketing ads placed on this site.

Advertising is expensive; most independent artists can’t compete with large corporations or political organizations buying advertising or bidding for online ad spots. Fortunately ‘word of mouth’ (or ‘word of mouse‘ online) is not only less-expensive; it tends to be more effective. Personal recommendations still carry weight. When you share a post from my Facebook business page or a design or item from my online shops you introduce the work to new fans. At the same time you give a boost to the algorithms sites use when deciding which pages or posts to share, and how high on the list. Or you can send me something from my Amazon Wish List.

In medieval times only royalty or nobility could afford to sponsor an Artist. Today, anyone with an Internet connection can become a patron. You can support my work with regular contributions through Paypal (which charges me less than other sites to process payments). Each Patron who contributes US$5 per month will receive a Premium (‘thank you gift‘) every 6 months. Those who contribute US$2.00 per month will receive a Premium for every 12 contributions. Premiums vary with the level of support; all will be individually selected and may feature my photography, poetry or graphic design. Many will be exclusive editions available only to patrons.

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Important Terms

  • You may cancel your PayPal subscription at any time;
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