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  • PaulPeelAfterTheBath
    As a young gay man in the ’80s I was not only a regular patron of Toronto’s bath houses (“steambath” or “men’s health club“), I [keep reading]
  • multiple-poetry-books12
    Celebrate Pride Month With Queer Words: You Buy A Book, I’ll Donate One Extended through July 4th For each copy of the following titles of poetry, poetic prose or [keep reading]
  • multiple-poetry-books12
    April is National Poetry Month- And We’re Celebrating Save **% on Digital Gryphon Publishing Poetic Publications The following titles of poetry, poetic prose or poetic [keep reading]


Politics Plus

  • f-you2008pride21239
    We queer folk have centuries of experience saving ourselves, and often much of society, when confronted by hate. From f*ggots burned at the feet of ‘witches’ to [keep reading]
  • Choose200Joy
    Today is the 15th anniversary of the events of Nine-Eleven. Whether caused by the “intelligence failures” we were told, or any of the ‘conspiracy [keep reading]
  • Choose200Joy
    Reclaiming ‘gratitude’ – I’ve blogged a few times about my issues around ‘gratitude’ – “just be thankful it’s not [keep reading]

Brushing Fame

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Review- Missed Her

by admin in LGBTITQQ2S

Missed Her by Ivan E Coyote Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver BC ISBN 978-1-55152-371-2 © Copyright 2010 Another collection of two dozen plus short stories. [keep reading]


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