Team Tee-sters

Welcome to the Home of the Tee-sters!

Who Are We?
The Tee-sters began as a group of CafePress Shopkeepers. Members of CPVoice and Forum Moderators decided to get together to support a worthy cause that reflects one of our common bonds; entrepreneurs pursuing our dreams. We agreed to pool our collective ’small amount of funds’ to support entrepreneurs through KIVA. This is a grassroots organization that provides micro-loans to people in developing countries trying to create little businesses for sustenance. Of course we’ve picked small businesses that buy clothing for re-sale; many women in Africa and South America are supporting families by reselling t-shirts.

As of 11/01/2012 we’ve loaned $2,175.00 as part of 67 loans. Not grants, not hand-outs; these are business loans. Kiva, through a network of organizations in “developing countries” finds entrepreneurs that can make a big difference in their lives, their families, their communities, with loans about equal to a mortgage payment in North America. Kiva and it’s Field Partners report default rates in one-hundredths of a percent and money lent today is ‘recycled’ many times over.

Now that we’ve seen some great teams in response to our challenge(*) we have opened up Team Tee-sters; you may join us at Team Tee-sters. You don’t have to make a loan when you join, but you certainly may.

* The Challenge:
In November of 2008 we issued a challenge to every POD ShopKeeper; CafePress, Zazzle, PrintFection or any other:
Will you join together to share the many blessings we receive? Perhaps in small groups by geography, shop theme, political stripe, or whatever makes sense to you. Sign up at Kiva, pick another small business owner who shares our dream, and see if you can outraise us.

So far two groups have been formed to meet the challenge:
Butterscotch Brigade with 27 members has $700.00 in loans outstanding;
Team CafePress with 5 members has $150.00 in loans outstanding.

Who Is Kiva?
Visit their Web-Site for complete information on Kiva, their Field Partners, news coverage and more.

After the Challenge was issued we were made aware that Skreened, another t-shirt pod site, has been donating a portion of their profits to Kiva for some time. They are not included in the chart below as they were already established, and contributions come from the company in addition to designers. But I do want to acknowledge their generosity- as of 12/09/13 (our latest update) they have funded over 3,400 Kiva loans.

Through a combination of new funds and re-loaning as old loans are repaid, here are the current totals:

Team Name
Team Tee-sters
Butterscotch Brigade
Team CafePress
August 2009
18 loans – $875
54 loans – $1350
7 loans – $200
November 1, 2012
67 loans – $2175
244 loans – $6200
13 loans – $350
December 9, 2013
73 loans – $2325
271 loans – $6875
13 loans – $350

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