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Tancats All Over

All-Over Shirt: Nikolaus These “all over t-shirts” demonstrate what we can do with high-resolution digital files. Each one is available printed on both sides or front-only. All-Over Shirt: Thumper A digitally-enhanced image of one of our three rescued kittehs. Thumper … Continue reading

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Book Recommendation: Cat Daddy

I don’t have a specific attraction to books about addiction and I’m not exactly an addict myself (see this recent post for more on that subject). However I do enjoy a well-written, honest, non-apologetic (while also not self-aggrandizing) biography that … Continue reading

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Cat Fisher

Fisher Cat #830 A digital painting based on our original photograph from a recent client session. This kitteh seems unimpressed by the photographer in front of him, or the vase of roses beside him. Now available at our Fine Art … Continue reading

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Two Kittehs T-shirts

Two Kittehs Digital Watercolour Most photographs of pets do not work well on shirts but this digital painting from our original photograph looks stunning on tan or white fabric. I have one and am often asked about it; you can … Continue reading

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