Soul-Satisfying New Career

Although the exact date that full marriage equality will arrive in Ohio is not known, it is starting to look as if it will be in the foreseeable future. In preparation for that date, I am working to establish myself as an accredited humanist Celebrant/ Officiant.

I am already ordained in the Universal Life Church and licensed to perform legal weddings in the State of Ohio. My former professional sales career and extensive community volunteering provides a solid foundation for this new career. My Officiant website is set up and listed (for free and low-ranking) at and Although my plan is to offer reasonably-priced Celebrant/ Officiant services, the field is filled with many high-end services and so advertising to the target market requires substantial funds.

This crowd-funded project will cover:

  • Training & registration as a Humanist Celebrant ($150);
  • Memberships in American Humanist Association, Americans United and local affiliates ($75);
  • Vestments, Forms, Certificates and supplies ($150);
  • An initial Marketing budget ($650);
  • Fees and cost of Premiums ($175)

Premiums (Thank You gifts):

This isn’t the sort of project that results in a book or recording that could be offered as a Reward; I have selected some of my photography. I hope you’ll find something interesting or inspiring:

Bronze Level $25 Donation

One 12″x18″ Art Poster. Select from:
Rabbit Reading Room,
Shoefiti 2327,
Lotus Clamshell,
Taro 1736,
Iris Pondside


Silver Level $50 Donation

One 12″x18″ Limited Edition Art Poster “Sunlight Tower
Limited to 10 donations

Gold Level $75 Donation

One copy of “Shoefiti” full-colour paperback book, 64 pp, autographed

Platinum Level $100 Donation

Copy of “Every Day: Miracles” paperback and one Limited Edition Art Print “Sunlight Tower
Limited to 6 donations

Rainbow Level $250 Donation

One copy of “Shoefiti“;
One copy of “Every Day: Miracles“;
One copy of Limited Edition Art Print “Sunlight Tower“;
One copy each of above five 12″x18″ Art Posters

Limited to 2 donations

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