February 14th

What (if anything) do you celebrate on February 14th? For some the day is just another corporate-driven excuse to spend money; as the credit card bills from last year’s Holiday season are coming due. There are many queer folk who tune it out as a very hetero event; far too similar to legal weddings that, for so long, has been denied us. Another reminder of our fight for respect and equality. Such feelings were no doubt part of the reasoning behind the 1979 declaration of February 14th as Pink Triangle Day by the membership of the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Rights Coalition.

Although still not an official holiday, some of us continue to celebrate the holiday, and the sentiments behind it. Whether you focus on challenging the “heterosexual dictatorship” or celebrating and honouring the love in your life, February 14th does not have to only be known as Valentine’s Day. Each year we create a new design to mark the occasion; available on t-shirts & sweatshirts as well as various gift ideas from our print-on-demand shops.

For those wanting a more traditional style of gift that is also new and fresh, I recommend the 3-D “I Love You” Rose– with a personal message on each of its five petals- from the folks at JustPaperRoses. It is important to note these are not produced overnight; place your order now to be sure your custom Rose arrives in time!

And don’t forget to check out the rest of their web-site; they offer great anniversary gifts from paper to leather to whichever traditional material year you are celebrating. Jeff and his team are very happy to help same-sex couples celebrate our anniversaries; whether or not they are officially recognized.

One of a number of designs for Pink Triangle Day 2014 available at CafePress and Skreened.

We realize that this date, February 14th, has traditionally been celebrated as St Valentine’s Day and dedicated to the expression of heterosexual affection. We take this opportunity to challenge what Christopher Isherwood has called the “heterosexual dictatorship” by affirming for ourselves and for the world, the existence, the strength, and the beauty of gay love.
“We therefore proclaim February 14th as an annual Canadian Gay Holiday, to be known as “PINK TRIANGLE DAY.

Resolution passed at the annual meeting of Canadian Lesbian & Gay Rights Coalition, July 1979

“Your 3D printed rose is PERSONALIZED on each of the 5 open petals! The I Love You Rose™ is created, one tiny layer of plastic powder at a time, fused by laser, until the rose head is finished complete with your personalization.

“The I Love You Rose™ is 3″ in diameter and we put it on a standard floral stem, anchored in a small terra cotta pot and the overall height is about 9″. Personalization is limited to about 15 characters including spaces. The text is raised (rather than recessed). We can print a different message on each of the open petals. At this time we are shipping ONLY WITHIN USA and shipping is FREE USPS Priority Mail.”

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