Gay Gift Books

A selection of very gay books, with a high percentage of Canadian content. Nothing pornographic; other than possible dirty thoughts that might arise, beyond our control, from reading. To the right is just one title in our
series of 2014 planners
. Perfect for those who don’t use electronic calendars or for those who do but like to have a “low tech” paper version on hand.

The first row below contains books of poetry and poetic lyrics published by my Digital Gryphon Publishing enterprise. The next row contains the first four volumes of the new Doc and Raider Collections published by Sean Martin; another border-hopping gay artist. All these items are available at Amazon.

The third row contains two books of my photography; one containing images from Toronto’s annual Pride Parades while the other has images taken on December 1 (World Aids Day) 2010 here in Columbus OH. Both these titles are available only at my Blurb Bookstore.

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