Two Kittehs T-shirts

Digital Painting on Tshirt

Just one of the styles offered

Two Kittehs Digital Watercolour
Most photographs of pets do not work well on shirts but this digital painting from our original photograph looks stunning on tan or white fabric. I have one and am often asked about it; you can purchase your own at this on-line shop. It is available on a wide variety of styles, and sizes from Infant to 2XL. The two kittehs in the photograph have been adopted, but your purchase of the shirt (or totebag or notecards) supports the work of CWA; the Shelter that found them their furever homes.


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The eBook 'Queer Blog Posts' contains most of the posts from the LGBTiTQQ2s category of this blog. Available for Kindle readers and apps for the ridiculous price of only US$0.99 because I want to share my thoughts and opinions. Available (in English only) on all Amazon's various country domains for a similar bargain price in local currencies.


Some posts were written to submit to one or another college class, others were written in response to happenings in my own life, and some comment on the world around me. While these posts contain specifically gay content, everything I feel or experience is inevitably processed through the filter of my being a queer man of a certain age.