Happy Mothers’ Day

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Some posts were written to submit to one or another college class, others were written in response to happenings in my own life, and some comment on the world around me. While these posts contain specifically gay content, everything I feel or experience is inevitably processed through the filter of my being a queer man of a certain age.

I used the plural possession form of Mother because today I recognize and celebrate so many Mothers in my life. First and foremost is my Mom – gone five years but never gone from my heart.

With Mom at Toronto Zoo

Then there are the other Mothers in my biological family; my two sisters (Karen and Kathy) are both Moms. My brother is married and Jing is a Mother. Two of my three nieces (Melissa and Kayla) are Moms; both newly so. The third niece is but an infant herself.Two of my three nephews are married with children; so Jan and Crystal are both Mothers.

From my days at Theatre Kent in Chatham ON shortly after I graduated, through my years living in Toronto, to my current home here in central Ohio I have been blessed to have women in my life that have, each in their own way, been like a Mother to me. There are too many to list, some might prefer not to be mentioned, and some may be happier to think of themselves more like a ‘sister’. But I thank each one for all they have done for me.

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