Holiday Gift Ideas #2

Regular visitors to this blog (or my FaceBook page) may have noticed that I’ve been working on a photography project to record some of the most interesting cases of “ShoeFiti” found here in central Ohio. That term has been coined to identify sneakers, boots, slippers and other footwear tied together by their laces and tossed up to be caught on electric, phone or cable wires.

There are any number of theories and stories as to their meaning(s) – as I say in ShoeFiti, Volume 1 I don’t think there’s just one reason; and the more romantic the theory, the less likely it is. That volume is now available at in soft cover or hardback; perhaps the perfect gift for that ‘hard to shop for’ friend. It has 28 pages (8″x10″) with premium-quality paper and full-colour images. Here is a preview of the first 15 pages:

Our “ShoeFiti 2011 Wall Calendar” is now available; 12 large (8.5″x11″) images of sneakers and boots flying high around Columbus, Ohio. And we have selected images available on shirts and other gift items.

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