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New Edition: Updated through July 2015
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Some posts were written to submit to one or another college class, others were written in response to happenings in my own life, and some comment on the world around me. While these posts contain specifically gay content, everything I feel or experience is inevitably processed through the filter of my being a queer man of a certain age.

As a reminder, the Tee-sters began as a group of CafePress Shopkeepers. As 2008 came to a close, members of CPVoice and CP Forum Moderators decided to get together to support a worthy cause that reflects one of our common bonds; entrepreneurs pursuing our dreams. We agreed to pool our collective ’small amount of funds’ to support entrepreneurs through KIVA. This is a grassroots organization that provides micro-loans to people in developing countries trying to create little businesses for sustenance. Of course we’ve picked small businesses that buy clothing for re-sale; many women in Africa and South America are supporting families by reselling t-shirts.

In November of 2008 The Tee-sters issued a challenge to every POD ShopKeeper; running shops at CafePress, Zazzle, PrintFection or any other POD site:
Will you join together to share the many blessings we receive? Perhaps in small groups by geography, shop theme, political stripe, or whatever makes sense to you. Sign up at Kiva, pick another small business owner who shares our dream, and see if you can outraise us.

Update, as of today:
Through a combination of new funds and re-loaning as old loans are repaid, here are the current totals:
Team Tee-sters – 18 loans – $875
Butterscotch Brigade – 54 loans – $1350
Team CafePress – 7 loans – $200

Team Tee-sters is open to anyone who supports Kiva; with a particular calling to designers who operate POD shops… check out our Kiva Team Page and consider joining. Don’t feel pressured to join just ’cause I did- after getting laid off. But do join if you want to see $25 change the world.

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