Coming Out 2022

I Came Out (as gay) in 1978. I’ve shared that story in this post. This century I prefer the term Queer.

I’ve also used this blog to Come Out as both spiritual and a kinkster as well as a Sister in the Toronto Order of Perpetual Indulgence. More recently, to Come Out as a Tarot/Oracle Card Reader.

image of a freshly-made bed; text reads MentalHealthMondayI was recently asked, over on Instagram (/briangryphon), about my frequent pics of my freshly-made bed, tagged with #mentalHealthMonday.

Consistently changing my bed linens is an indication that I’m doing well (or at least OK) in finding and maintaining good mental health.

After decades of being a (barely) functional person with Depression (and PTSD, GAD, Dissociative Amnesia, Sexual Compulsion and extensive use of LSD [the last 2 only rarely at the same time]), I’m no longer prepared to accept mere functionality.

So, this year I am Coming Out as a person who is clinically Depressed; having been so since a very young age. I was raised in a family of secrets that lived in 4 towns before starting high school.

The PTSD mostly stems from living through the explosion of GRID/ AIDS/ HIV in my gay and kink communities. From fundraising for research and assistance for people living with the condition to hours sitting with folks in the local AIDS Hospice, I can’t even begin to fathom the depths of despair I’ve traveled.

I am working with a Therapist, having Zoom gatherings with my siblings over the family stuff, and have begun taking prescription meds to assist my progress.

No shame, no guilt here… I have survived (changed, but still here) so much cr@p that I never imagined I could.

#mentalHealth #survive2thrive

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