Fundraising Designs

(participating in Capitalism under protest)

The specific financial crush that prompted the GoFundMe campaign and my original Limited Edition t-shirts has, mostly, been resolved. Thank you to everyone who contributed; money or positive vibes.

Of course your purchase of any item at my Threadless Shoppe supports this queer elder creative; this section of the Shoppe has designs that will only be available for a short time, and do have an upcharge for my Retirement Fund.

Current Fundraising Designs

Cruelty is Their Only Point:
When debate and rational discussion fail, they fall back on vitriol and meanness. Tempting to reply in kind, but better to be kind. Designer’s Royalties donated to National Center for Transgender Equality.

Don’t resort to their vulgar level of name-calling; raise your language. Express just how their policies and practices impact you and your community. “Your hetero-normative phallo-centric male dominant hierarchical post-colonial vocalities are mediating my identity.

Shoefiti 2775 Brushed:
Digital brushwork on my original photograph. Special Edition available only for a limited time, in select styles and colours.

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