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A continuation of my posts* on self-publishing your oracle deck through US-based print on demand manufacturer The Gamecrafter.

Earlier, in this post, I noted that TGC does have some boxes sturdier than the tuck box. At that time the closest in size to traditional 2.75″x4.75″ tarot cards were the Small Pro (5.85″x3.85″x1.15″ holding 64 cards) and their Small Stout (4″x6″x2.25″ holding up to 133 cards). I’ve purchased almost 2 dozen blank Small Stout to hold my mass market decks originally in tuck boxes, so I know the cards are a bit loose- but better than having the tuck boxes wear out. (I just wish I coulda’ known this was in development and get some for my current collection.)

The Gamecrafter just posted this youTube video announcing the availability of custom printed inserts for both their Small Pro box and the Small Stout box.

As with all aspects of using US-based Print On Demand, the pricing can not compete with bulk production overseas; but as I continue to believe (and SHOUT) premium pricing for a premium product can work. Indeed, it helps validate the buyer’s opinion that your deck is, in fact, a premium product. As well as helping you, the seller, achieve volume rewards.

Edited to Add:
reduced to fit 8.5x11 sheetdetail of instructionsan assembled (reduced) version

Each of these images link to a larger version to show more detail.
@ Image 1 is the Small Stout Box Tarot Insert reduced to fit on 8.5″x11″ paper (full size sheet is 11.75″x15.75″);
@ Image 2 is a close up showing how the template clearly identifies the various bleed, trim and safe zones;
@ Image 3 shows a reduced version cut and folded, over top of an unassembled sheet. All areas of the insert visible after assembly may be used for text or image. Note that the actual TGC product is made in 16pt matte card stock; my example was on standard copy paper.

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