Color Printing Guide for The Gamecrafter

There are many reasons why a printed piece doesn’t match what your monitor displayed. Some are variations in your monitor; brightness setting and color calibration. Others are differences in the printing process; the inks, the color and texture of the paper, even the humidity level on the day of printing impacts the finished piece. There are various ways to handle these; matching your printing company’s ‘color profile’ or having a test print done are standard.

The shift from transmissive to reflective light- light shining through your monitor screen will be brighter and more saturated than the light reflecting off a printed piece. Recall your early science classes. Printing is a subtractive process (inks absorb certain wavelengths; reflecting others) while monitors add various colors of light to build to the final image.

One quick way to adjust your production files for The Gamecrafter before taking the time and expense of placing a trial order is to have your own Color Printing Guide for TGC. Produced by the creators of Worlde of Legends games, a few cards are specific to their game- ignore their character types/names as those are copyright and/or trademarked.

This mint tin contains 51 swatch cards with various thematic palettes; seasonal, environmental, skin tones, neons and more. Cards have different swatches front & back for over 700 swatches in total. Each swatch has the hex code so you can compare your monitor with an actual printed sample.

The cards all have the optional protective UV Coating- which (Pro Tip) your deck really should use. It includes a mini accordion fold look at the psychology of colour- so you have an actual sample of the Gamecrafter’s glorious cardstock, their accordion fold and Mint Tin products.

Note; this is not an Affiliate link; I don’t earn a commission if you place an order; this item is a valuable tool for anyone who will use The Gamecrafter to produce their game or deck of cards.

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