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New Improved Feudalism
This design was launched 6 years ago at a different pod site. It is now available at the Digital Gryphon Shirt Shop at GearBubble.

The once-powerful Middle Class is being replaced with an oh-so modern neo-feudalism – now with Internet access. The uber-wealthy and corporate overlords continue to increase their percentage of wealth while constantly fighting to reduce what they share with we mere mortal minions who do the bulk of the work, and take on the greatest physical risk.

Trickle Down Pain
There’s a problem with that neo-con favourite ‘Trickle Down’ Economic Theory. Far too much experience has proven that the pain it causes (and there is always pain) never trickles up the economic ladder. The uber-wealthy and corporations just increase their profits. That ‘return on investment’ gets stashed away and not, as the theorists project, spent on increasing jobs (at least not here).

I’ve summed this up as “Trickle Down Economics: The Pain Never Trickles Up” and offer it on t-shirts at GearBubble as shown here. Please see my ‘funny story’ about trickle down first shared here in 2009.

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