Joe Bracco; Songwriter and Musician

Joe Bracco was born on this day 1960, on Long Island NY. I did not have the pleasure of attending any of his performances; although he did occasionally perform with Romanovsky & Phillips he did not travel to Canada with them. He had a ‘day job’ in NYC and performed mostly in and around that city. In fact, I did not know of Joe until I was working on re-designing the official Romanovsky & Phillips website and found an entry at J.D. Doyle’s referencing Paul’s work to complete Joe’s True To Myself album.

Joe is but one of the hundreds of thousands (millions?) of bright talents lost to AIDS; he passed away March 3, 1991 in NYC.

Much more information on Joe and his career, as well as the complete contents of the True To Myself cassette are archived at QMH (link above). According to Paul, there is pretty much no chance of re-issuing the cassette- the master files might not exist. That being the case, I don’t feel guilty about publicizing that the tracks may be downloaded free. Of course should you wish to honour Joe and his work a donation to an hiv/aids non-profit of your choice would not be a bad thing.

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