Guilt-Free Certificate

One of the the vows we took as Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was to do our utmost to rid the world of stigmatic guilt. Our Chapter promoted the use of Guilt Disposal Bags – as illustrated in this post. Under the direct supervision of a highly-skilled Sister, this device is capable of removing and destroying years of pent-up stigmatic guilt.

Upon successful removal of years of pent-up guilt, the person’s new status as Officially Guilt-Free would be formally recognized with a genuine Sisterly Certificate. The archives are without a scanner at the moment; Sister Admin has re-created the certificate as a .pdf file. The fonts and layout are not exact, but it is word-for-word the same content. The original document bears a hand-stamped seal, lower-right, which is no longer in our possession. A copy of the .pdf file may be sent as a Thank You for a donation to support the costs of maintaining this website.

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