Non-Gay R&P Music

After reading my blog post Queer Progress (measured by Romanovsky & Phillips music), one of my “straight, but not narrow” friends asked if there were any R&P songs that weren’t “all gay” that they might relate to. First of all, I would like to think that anyone who’s a friend of mine is capable of listening to R&P and appreciating songs of love or social injustice even if the pronouns or specific issues don’t fit their life exactly. But to go beyond that, here are some non-gay-specific lyrics by Ron and Paul for the “homosexually challenged” (to quote The Flirtations’ Live: Out On The Road CD).

From their first full-length album I Thought You’d Be Taller(1984) through to Let’s Flaunt It! (recorded live in 1995) they present songs of protest and queer rights- but also songs about love, dating, mental health and other social ills. The majority of selections on Ron’s solo albums (listed below) have no direct reference to orientation.

The joys & tribulations of #dating are featured in the following tracks. I Can Have Attitude (ITYBT*); The Prince Charming Tango (ITYBT); Cat And Mouse (ITYBT); The Answering Machine Song (TIP); Guilt Trip (TIP); Emotional Rollercoaster (ER); Red Moon Over Boston(BPNP); Journal Entry(BPNP); Tango Indigesto(BPNP); Closing Chapter(BPNP); and Don’t Sleep With Your Ex(LFI).

Pretty much each of the dozen songs on Ron’s first solo album- Hopeful Romantic– is about dating.

And there’s plenty of social commentary- thoughts on #suicide, #drag, #gender roles & expectations, #mental health and general #social ills are found in Womb Envy (ITYBT); Outfield Blues (ITYBT); Living In The Nuclear Age (ITYBT); Paint By Numbers (ITYBT); Lost Emotions (TIP); Carnival People (TIP); Wimp (TIP); Living With AIDS (ER); My Mother’s Clothes (ER); The Woman Next Door (ER); Waltz For A New Age (ER); Oh No… I’m In Love(BPNP); Love Is All It Takes(BPNP); No False Hope(BPNP); One Way Out(LFI); Burning Angels(LFI);

* R&P Albums:
(ITYBT) I Thought You’d Be Taller (1984)
(TIP) Trouble In Paradise (1986)
(ER) Emotional Rollercoaster (1988)
(BPNP) Be Political Not Polite (1991)
[BB] Brave Boys (1994)
(LFI) Let’s Flaunt It! (1995)

* Ron Solo Albums:
Hopeful Romantic (1992)
Je M’appelle Dadou (2002)
It’s A Boy (2006)
Pittsburgh to Paris (2006)
Turn Up The Fun (2008)
April In Paris (2008)
L’accordeoniste (2009)

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