The Gryphon Rule(tm)

In the process of reviewing Oneness by Jeffrey Moses* I decided that it was time to re-write the well-known Golden Rule to reflect the truth that not everyone likes the same things; ‘different strokes for different folks’ as another saying goes. The result is “The Gryphon Rule(tm)” – available now on t-shirts & tank tops and coffee mugs for you.

Do unto others
As they wish
to be done unto

(as long as it wouldn’t violate your
personal standards of behaviour


Available on a wide variety of styles just in time for holiday gift giving:
Unisex Tee;
Women's Tee;
Unisex Tank Top;
Women's Tank Top;
Youth Tee;
Premium Tee;
V-Neck Tee;
Long Sleeve Tee.

As well as 11oz and 15 oz ceramic coffee mugs.


By the way, Oneness by Jeffrey Moses includes 64 ‘great principles’ that are found in most, if not all, of the world’s major religious groups. Despite my re-write above, most of the content is great. The book discusses each of the principles and then provides a quote from half a dozen (or more) faith traditions ranging from the three ‘of the book’ to various ‘Eastern’ and aboriginal faiths.

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