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This post title really is “Queer, Poet, Photographer, Designer, Sister, Card Reader, Kinkster, Blogger, and so much more” but that’s too long to display well on-line. As I approach the 10th anniversary of my first full post in this blog –in the midst of my 60th year on this planet– a look at who I am and what I am excited to do for the next decade.

Queer is more than just shorthand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans; #Queer encompasses #diversity in Sexual Orientation, Sexual Proclivities, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression. That includes who we engage with sexually/sensually and how. From whether or not traditional romance is involved, to how long a relationship is expected to last and how many participants. It also includes who we are and how we experience & express our personal #gender.

Poet, Photographer and Designer refer to my creative work, available through The Digital Gryphon llc. That site shows my work, as well as linking to a network of authorized Production Partners that offer selected pieces on licensed products from apparel to coffee mugs to fine art prints. Some of my work is designed to create joy while much of it is commentary on society, fairness, queer history and other concerns.

I am ordained through the Universal Life Church; Rubber Chicken Ministries is my non-theist, spiritual humanist practice that continues my vows to spread universal joy and expiate stigmatic guilt. I took those vows on 1983 as a Sister in the Toronto O.P.I..

I was introduced to the Tarot by my partner in 1980; together with a roommate, we studied cards, astrology, numerology and other divination tools. I do not believe in fate or destiny in the sense that the future is predetermined. However, we are creatures of habit, influenced by our personal & cultural histories and our biology; with varying levels of self-awareness. So can we really exercise ‘free will‘? I offer card readings through my Etsy shop.

“Kinkster” seems to scare some folks. #Kink (aka creative sex) is as varied as the people who engage in it. It’s a part of my life that provides #joy with #noGuiltNoShame. There are virtually no posts here about that aspect of my life beyond Common Courtesy and Uncommon Interests.

Blogger refers to my writings here. I also operate GenderQueer.Life as a resource for folks who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer, 2-Spirit, Non-Binary, Gender-Creative, Gender-Fluid, Gender-Queer or Non-Gender. Out of those sites (and my refusal to be quiet) there’s my extensive on-line presence.

As I begin another decade on this planet I’m seeking a new challenge. One that puts to good use my wide range of experience and training in service of diverse queer communities. I’ve created a page with lots more details; a quick biography, summary of the various queer communities I do or have participated in, and more.

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