Gender (whatever) Fabrics and More

My ‘gender (whatever)’™ logotype design is now available on various fabrics, as well as wrapping paper and wallpaper (I’m thinking home craft projects rather than walls, but if you want to…) made-to-order at my Spoonflower shop.

Pictured here is a detail of the design on Spoonflower’s “100% polyester satin with a shiny finish.” Their website includes detailed description on each fabric; width, weight, shrinkage, etc.

The shop description of the pattern is: “Our G(w) logotype is a subtle statement. Define yourself however you wish- your gender is whatever you know it to be. Gift wrap for all occasions or none at all; wall paper for a unique craft project; fabric without gender bias. Looks best with a Half Drop Repeat.

I’ve listed here the current (as of 04/21/2017) Spoonflower range of fabrics and pricing. The same pattern is available as water-activated or peel & stick wallpaper and as elegant satin finish gift wrap, by the roll. Please note that the Designer Royalty for Spoonflower made-to-order materials is 10% – the bulk of the cost goes to Spoonflower for production and back-end support.

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