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Sean Stephane Martin, creator of Doc & Raider, is a talented writer and illustrator. In addition to the D&R series, Sean has turned his talents to stories old and new. From “a fable about hope, expectation, and the search for True Happiness and the Universal Vegetable — not to mention a certain Greek god wreaking a tiny bit of havoc in a small gay bar in Toronto,” (The Apollo of Hérouxville) to an illustrated retelling of Gilgamesh (the earliest known piece of literature) to an overview of the “juvenile operetta” – a theatrical artform that blossomed from 1900 to 1950. And much more. So much more.

Queer Gift Ideas – Important Disclosures:

  • I earn a few per cent on Amazon purchases;
  • Sean earns a few dollars from the sale of each book; and richly deserves every penny;
  • Some titles may be sold through Amazon’s marketplace, not directly by Amazon.

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