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Sean Stephane Martin, creator of Doc & Raider, was a talented writer and illustrator. In addition to the D&R series, Sean has turned his talents to stories old and new. From “a fable about hope, expectation, and the search for True Happiness and the Universal Vegetable — not to mention a certain Greek god wreaking a tiny bit of havoc in a small gay bar in Toronto,” (The Apollo of Hérouxville) to an illustrated retelling of Gilgamesh (the earliest known piece of literature) to an overview of the “juvenile operetta” – a theatrical artform that blossomed from 1900 to 1950. And much more. So much more.

See individual titles below, or see the entire Sean S Martin backlist. As noted elsewhere, I’m actively reducing the presence of Amzn in my life; Promoting Sean’s works is about the only reason I’ve not totally cut them off.

Sadly, Sean passed away August 13th, 2020. Sean had been suffering from pancreatic cancer for several months and entered hospice care just a few days before. He passed away, at peace, in his sleep. Randy, Executor of his estate is working on how to properly honour Sean’s extensive, incredible, creative output. In addition to these books and the world of Doc & Raider, Sean did lighting and set design for an unknown number of theatrical productions as well as working for a Display & Marketing firm.

Queer Gift Ideas – Important Disclosures:

  • I earn a few per cent on Amazon purchases;
  • Sean earns a few dollars from the sale of each book; and richly deserves every penny;
  • Some titles may be sold through Amazon’s marketplace, not directly by Amazon.

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