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So, just read another newspaper article announcing that nostalgia is good business. The piece was about Netflix, but it’s just one of a number of such articles of late. And not just the economics of re-hashing existing properties.

I’m trying to understand how much (or little) interest there is in ‘nostalgia’, history, etc in young queers today. Most of the ones on my Facebook Friends list are OPI-SPI connexions, so they might have specific historical interests. I’ve posted the question there, but I’m also looking for non-nun input. There are a number of reasons for my interest- not so much about money (although nothin’ wrong with making an honest living):

  • I am a huge fan (and promoter) of certain creative projects that started in the past- the music of Romanovsky & Phiilips and The Flirtations, the artwork that is Doc & Raider;
  • I’ve published 2 chap books of poetic prose (1 of them mine) from the late ’70s, 80s;
  • I strive to get other LGBTQ folk of my generation to publish work… but without being able to reach queerlings why would they?

How do I most effectively invite a new generation of queer folks to engage? How to connect young’uns to what may seem like ancient, or at least medieval, history?

I’ve done a few posts here sorting out which R&P songs are clear “period pieces” and which ones may be considered still relevant. Fortunately there has been much progress in some areas- our rights, the fight against hiv/aids, social acceptance (in some communities, at least). So some stuff is strictly historical; but not all.

Thoughts, advice, insights…. all welcome.

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