Death and Destruction

Today is the 15th anniversary of the events of Nine-Eleven.

Whether caused by the “intelligence failures” we were told, or any of the ‘conspiracy theories’ floating around (or most likely a mix of things), the deaths 15 years ago, and the destruction in their wake, are an affront to decency. Lives lost, and thousands time more lives destroyed, such civil liberties and privacy as we had (or thought we did) eroded, billions of dollars redistributed into the Military-Industrial Complex.

They further eroded the faith many had in a core decency to people and institutions. The scapegoating of “religious extremism“, some improvement in social policies (marriage equality, etc) and corporate media distractions are keeping us from questioning the truth behind the mirage.

The wizard behind the curtain.

Whether a single, well-organized, multi-generational cabal or a less structured tug-o-war between competing power brokers, we are clearly pawns. Facing that truth is, as they say, The First Step. Only then can we, collectively and individually, work towards freedom.

Tomorrow will mark three months since the mass murder in Pulse Orlando. This is not to equate the tragedies; each stands on its own. Martyrdom is not ‘more blessed’ when consciously chosen for religious or political reasons; nor ‘more noble’ if done alone, or as part of a larger group. Quantity is not relevant in that sense; although large numbers (or ones we see as symbolic) may impact how we feel, a life lost is a tragedy. Life lost due to “humanity’s insanity is a hard truth to face” (this phrase is from the song Living In The Nuclear Age, available on I Thought You’d Be Taller by Romanovsky & Phillips).

In the process of confirming the exact wording of those lyrics (available in the book 1 Out Of 10 Therapists: The Poetry of Romanovsky & Phillips Lyrics) I was reminded of how the song ends. Ron calls for:
Poets and painters
Minstrels and friends
Come out of the woodwork
Be merry again

And so today is a day of thoughtful reflection, sadness, anger. But also a renewed sense of the life-affirming value of my vows as Sister Flirtatious Romanovsky of Middlesex – to spread Universal Joy and fight to eradicate Stigmatic Guilt. Only Joy, Humour and Light can replace Sadness, Anger and Darkness. Survival.


Important Disclaimer
# Lyrics from “Living In The Nuclear Age” © copyright 1984, Ron Romanovsky, used by permission.
# All views expressed in this post represent my opinions. The inclusion of R&P lyrics do not necessarily indicate either Ron or Paul agrees with my interpretation or extrapolation. The lyrics quoted are from 1984 and might not represent Ron’s current world view.
# As the publisher of the book “1 Out Of 10” I will earn a small fee should you make a purchase through the above link.

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